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emma - our gorgeous shoe model
really quick thing for a tut that isn't finished yet!! :lol

creating SHOES!!!

okay, so we have this sweet young thang named emma, who is our delightful shoe model for the following tutorials! (base for emma coming straight from the brilliant dropkick dolls) these aren't REALLY tutorials as such, rather a sort of example of how to make shoes in four steps...

okay, we're ready and raring to go so :

how to draw thongs (flip flops):

step one: drawing out the basics... just draw in the sole and where it would go if it were real shoes - these being thongs, when one foot is raise as it is here, the sole would prbably stay on the ground and the toe would go up... this tutorial is completely done with the pencil tool, so anyone can follow thsi exactly ;)

step two: sticking in a bit of detail, just think about where the toes are and where the straps would disappear between the toes of the foot...

step three: soing some shading and fixing up things that don't look 'quite right' - with some zooming in and out I decided that the sole that was down didn't look exactly right being so long and out as it was, so I selected an area, cut it out and moved it back a notch so that it looked more perspectively correct. here I've also added in some bright coloured highlights to add depth to the shoes

finally, just add in the extra details, and any embellishments that you may have! here I thought the thongs were a little plain so I added some flowers that match emma's robe ;)

how to draw dowdy lace-ups:

step one: drawing out the basics... okay, so these are big ol' chinky lace-ups, that could be determined 'dowdy' but could look REALLY cuet when combined with the right outfit. first off you've got to work out exactly how it would sit on the foot, draw the outline to follow suit and then fill it in with the corresponding colour.

step two: sticking in a bit of detail, again, thinking where the toes would go, and how the foot is sitting etc, here I;ve aksi added a thicker sole to the shoe...

step three: okay, so here I've done my shading with the paintbrush - just choosing the next colour that I want fo make highlights, and then placing it on the shoe - remembering where the light and shine would go - as well as where the shoe would fade the most/first etc...

you can of course also do this with the pencil tool, but in order to get teh smooth like that I'm after these days, I'm using the paintbrush...

finally, adding in the details, the laces, the gold lace-holes etc - don't forget shadow to add depth to the shoes as well. and there you have it, lace up shoes on emma - here she's nt wearing any socks, and they do look cute with her robe and the pen & encil in her hair kinda like se rolled out of bed to answer the door and these are the first things she threw on... ;)

how to draw combat boots:

step one: okay COMBAT BOOTS!! yeah!! ::grins:: I love drawing these things, they're so fun, and yet so utilitarian... ::laughs more::

okay, first off, work out how chunkyy you want these, and hoe well yuov'e got them hugging the legs - also, how far UP the leg you want! draw the shape with care, and then fill with your desired colour.

step two: adding in more detail. okay, I thought the otehr grey was going to be WAAAY too light, so I changed it, and I drew in the soles - her I've drawn them sorta flat and hangy out - like these are a pair of really well worn doc martyns or something similar...

step three: again, I've done the shading with the paintrbush, it's just easier and faster to get the desired effect that I want - here I've used three different highlight colours to add depth and shine to the boots.

just focus on where the light would hit, where you would get the most 'damage' to the shoe, and the kind of line you would get when the shoe wraps around the leg...

finally, the end details! I've put in yellow stiitching, added highlights to the soles, and stuck in black laces and gold lace holes, and put an extra bit of shading and gradation on each yelloe dot to add even more depth and illusion of wear to the shoes: now doesn't she look funky with those boots and the length of that skirt! ::laughs::

...more to come



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