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new dolls

this site will get a facelift and I AM still alive I promise!
in the meantime why don't you head over to Bright Shiny Thing and see what I'm up to? :D

wire angel

the wire angel, I don't think I've given her a name... done for jezebel's devils and angels contest, took me a sweet millenia to get her finished.. XD XD after about twenty different sets of wings done with feathers that I just DIDN'T like at all, I suddenly cottoned on to the concept of wire and I REALLY liked the result :D :D

base either by ritratto di signora or by swiss cheese army... I forget.. XD

katchen - the archer

katchen, my entry for cat's sillhouette base 'edit' contest. the premise being that you took a sillhouette - of a doll originally done by cat's sister panne - and then did a doll on that, not being able to go out of the outline ot the sillhouette hardly at all (if at all).

no one was allowed to show their dollies to anyone else until the contest was closed, so I can finally show off my green lil' archer now :D :D

nya nya princess

the nya nya princess, my entry for k'vitlyrs missing link contest. based on a south african legend - there once was a king who had the pelt of a mythical nya nya beast flailed from its body alive and thrown freshly onto the skin of his daughter. the pelt stuck fast and she became one of the beasts. so here, I decided to doll her unwilling transformation...

base by ritratto di signora

mda kentuck - twist knightley

twist knightley, my entry for mda kentucky :) :) - I had SOO much fun doing these, just experimenting with black and red and doing more gothi-esque (just) sort of dolls.

bases by crystalin

updates site spotlight comments - ie the tag-board :)



07/08/03 - so I'm BACK!! new url, cause of the EVULNESS of whats happened to - do NOT go there... I held off on making an "I'm BACK!! WOO!" announcement cause I thought I could get my new layout up, but alas my poor laptop, lorelei, must go to the laptop doctor so that needs to occur first before a new layout occurs... SORRY GUYS!! make sure everyone updates their bookmarks to cause the /dollz domain will be disappearing with the new update :D :D tell your friends! its all at the new address and soon will be ALL-NEW!! XD

thankyou EVERYONE who were stressed out and sent words of support or were supportive at the forums etc. a big thankyou to keozzi for giving me some interim space, even though I hardly used it XD and for letting me keep that space for back up! *huggles* BIG apologies to all my hostees and my email hostees - I LOVE YOU I'M SO SORRY FOR THIS MESS!!!

in the meantime, please enjoy yourself and look-out for the new layout and some new content COMING SOON! (or as soon as my poor baby gets back from the apple hospital XD >_<)

14/06/03 - can you believe it..? I'm updating XD XD!!! I've gotten deeply and horrifically obsessed with ragnarok online (YAY!! my little character menchie made assassin!! THANKYOU SANDI! I LOVE YOU!), that with being sick and trying to catch up with a whole mess of freelance work and the fact that it is birthday season for me, means I'm a little slow on the updating... XD BUT! got two fairly new dollies up, more to come soon - I've got four dolls tied up in a secret project so I can't show them off yet ;) - also I've NOT forgotten the fight crime contest, that shall be set up for voting VERY soon.

truth be told I made a little pact with the likes of my sister, mandilos, that when I got an entry for her new contest in, she would have an entry for mine... so that hanging over my head you'll have to wait till I get my entry done for her before I've got my final entries for that in. SORRY!!!! *huges all entrants who are hanging out to vote* it will happen SOON!

01/05/03 - uploaded my entry for k'vitlyr's missing link contest. I would have way more dollies up, but I've gotten obsessed with kings of chaos... O_o its ALL yvonne and mark's fault XD

22/04/03 - added one set of dollies, my mda entry for kentucky :). spent most of the weekend doing work for qudsi's site! X) look out for it re-opening soon! :D

18/04/03 - added new site spotlight! O_O my sister, stephy!! :) :)

18/04/03 - added new dolly on feliah base - birthday pressie for marion! :) :) also, 'easter' present for my siblings uploaded :)

old updates archived here...

site spotlight - unauthorized kisses

yeah woot stephykins!! for this spotlight, I was umming and ah-ing for so very long. And then finally I caved, and decided that stephy DEF deserved it!! This girly girl has grown in the execution of her talent in spades since starting dolling, and recently released some of the coolest squishable bases out there!! :) :) go check out her funky beans site (with a new layout!) which will crack you up utterly!! *kisses stephwise*

check the old spotlights here ...

help me out??

the "BUY NETT MORE FORKS" fund. yes, thats right, nett is hideously in need of more forks for her home. she has six in total. yes, you heard me, six. SO! instead of pleaing for a few donations to help keep this place up and running (a site that takes up over 15 gigs of bandwidth per month cause of you wondrous people) I'm asking that people donate so that my house can have more forks. XD

please help a fork deficient young woman, and donate a buck or two so that I might be able to have more then a few people over at a time... XD XD

* the word swashbuckle appears courtesy of my beloved sister, k'vitlyr XD

to anyone trying to access the tag-board fields using mac osx - the top section is your name, the middle your message and the third your website url/email address. sorry for the inconvenience :)

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