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saving your doll in photoshop

okay, so there always seems to be people asking how to save dolls as transparent gifs in phtoshop, so here's my ULTRA quick tutorial. it leads on from my 'preparing a base' tutorial, as it's made on my 300x300 convention transparent canvas. this tutorial done with a couple doll with a base by mandra ;)

step one

step one: SO, you've finished your doll, you're really happy with it, BUT it's on this HUGE canvas that you don't need, it's on about a zillion layers, what do you do??

step two

step two: okay, what you do? well, making sure that you are on a layer that is turned on, all you need to do is go Select -> All, or press ctrl+a (apple+a on a mac), which will select the entire canvas.

step three

step three: then, with the entire canvas selected, go Edit -> Copy Merged, or shift+ctrl+c (apple+ctrl+c on a mac). this copies EVERYTHING on all layers that is selected.

then you need to go File -> New, or ctrl+n (apple+n on a mac). make sure that you've got your contents setting on 'transparent' in the new image palette. DO NOT change the size settings of the new canvas - it will automatically be the same size as whatever you have on yuor clipboard, which is at the moment your doll!

step four

step four: okay, now all you need to do is go Edit -> Paste (ctrl+v on your keyboard or apple+v on a mac) and your doll will automatically paste to EXACTLY fit your new transparent canvas.

now all you have to do is go File -> Save, or ctrl+s (apple+s on a mac), make sure you pick 'compuserve gif' in your 'Save As' options and you've got a transparent doll:
gambit & rogue
<- voila!! ;)


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