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hey kids! well, as you can see I'm not doing a link quilt, I have enough bandwidth issues without posting up a zillion and one link images... sorry for everyone that would prefer to see one but bandwidth bills are a KILLER!!!! if you have a dolls site and would like me to add you, then please email me at just remember that I'm REALLY lax about updating my links page cause there's other stuff that's more pressing in life and in dolling, and for that I don't apologise! ::laughs:: sorry!! lol

if you want to link to me, feel free to use any of the following banners, all in the 'correct' size:

bondchickz - rust bondchikz - green bondchickz - purple bondchickz - maroon

word to the wise..?? not all the doll sites I know and love are here, as I often get to most of them via links already easily accessible or I know the url off by heart, but hopefuly a more comprehensive list of dolls sites will be coming soon (although there already seems to be a TRUCKLOAD!!)

x a n d o r r a
-- Josie's Dollz
Mandra's Dolls
Elvish Hobbitette
Gurun's Cartoon Dollz
Miniature Reality
Miseryhood's Dollz
Forgiven Designs
Dollz of Flavor
Jewel's Dolls
EZ Dollz
Av Squad
Soulshadow Designs
Magenta's Dollz
Child-Like Aries
Faiths Dolls
Rell's Place
The Dollhouse @
Pixel by Pixel Productions
Dolls By Sara
The House of K'Vitlyr
Valley of the Dolls
the originz of dollz
~Forgotten Faeries~
stolen dreams
Welcome to By Whimsy
Minimongo's Dollz
100% caffeine free
marilyn's dollz
twinkling turtle
StarbucksFaeries Dollsthe best dolls site on the web!
Faerie Dream Graphics
Eagle's Nest
~Raspberi's Doll House~ - Danmarks strste dulleside
Deb's Dolls
Doll Dictionary
Veriria's Palace - Cartoon Doll Heaven
Lumi's Landing
Perspective Dolls
Slightly blue
Wings of Spirit
P i X e L -- b R e A K e R
eep! pixel monkeys
teri's rainy day dollpage
Forgotten Faeries
Crazy Cherriez Graphix
Animate My World
Fairybell's Dollz (Hollywood Dollz)
Jorinda's Homepage
cloud dollz v.3 - plastic
v5 Lov U welcome to blackness LOV U
spectacular spectacular
Silver Lining Dolls
Flipped Creations
Dell's Dolls
ENTER Yume Studio By Angy-chan
Kay's Dolls
Unreal Enigma's Twisted Mirror
We Welcome You To.. The Dolly Awards
the captivation
Pixel Punks Welcome!!
---Kiss Jenny V4.0-
modern enigma
Dinky Dolls!
awestruck dolls
Micks Graphics
Zoe's Dollz
Skye's Dolls
Dare To Dream
. lashtal .
K's Kinjo


!--Silver Lining Dolls--
.where the pretty girls are.
StellaBellas Place v. Plain and Simple
Mizbehavin Dollz

Crazy Cat Dollz
Doodle Dollies
The Butterfly Lair ~ Welcome
the domain of the qudsielf
--Pirate Booty--
Av Squad and Pixel Punks our forum @
[ ~Delaney's Dolls~ ]
-- Shorah --
Beach Ratz v. 2.0
mufflonen + friends
~~Dhaling's Dolls~~
Silhouette Dudettes
Dropkick Dolls
Caffeinated Plaid!
The Barracks @
stardust system ^^kyara^^'s dollz house
-._.- My own lil' world -._.-
t e m p o r a r y i n s a n i t y d o l l s b y a m e l i a -- v. 0.1
rageful (dot) net
~ Swan Lake ~
tabi - My Doll Creations
.-= Ice Blossom =-. ver. 2.0 +l.i.l d.a.i.s.y a.n.g.e.l+
--Swiss Cheese Army Ver 2
The Knight's Sorceress v.8 - Swords are Fun
TRUMBOLICE V2. Anjel feet...
Big Blue Eyes
Mystic Maiden's Valley
Bardic Babe's Intro
Childish Lair Version 2 Thinking of You
PaperDolls ver. Cutouts
M i s a t o . co . uk - [Hush]
Wizzby's Dolls
Desi Bear Dolls
Peek a Boos - One in a million
Destany's Fantasy
water to air
Nunilwen's Dolls
sugar & spider's dollz
winter moon graphics
Liquid Candy Dollz Version 5.0 Sugar Sweet
Dolls by Duibhre An Dmhair
shane's dolls
Enter Dolling Passion
The Dialectizer
Les poupes numriques
Ring of PixelsV3Lady of the Rose
Teri's Rainy Day Site
Ritratto di Signora
Miniature Reality version Purple
^..^ ^..^
a n g e l - d u s t
Devils Heart v.3 Rainbow Devlies
my own little world
StrangeFish's Site, V. Serenity in Spring
Callisto's Sancutary - dolls & stuff
PINK LAND love 4 dollz


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