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contest awards

these are the awards that my dollz entries into contests have won! thanks to everyone who's ever voted for me, you guys rock and I'm constantly surprised everytime I get an email in my inbox saying guess what? you won! *hugs*

Jentiah, this dolly was made for a base edit audio challenge at amelia's site. when listening to the music is seems most people got ideas about raves and such. for some reason I got the idea very clearly of a woman having a knife-fight with someone standing on the edge of a cliff, with the wind whipping her clothes around.

SO, I drew a doll based loosely aroud an rp character of mine named Jentiah, and did her seconds before the knife fight - just pulling off her cloak and getting her dagger out :)

can't believe I won first over all and second place in the most creative concept category!! XD :)

1st place in amelia's ultimate audio challenge
2nd place in the most creative concept category in amelia's ultimate audio challenge contest

denise trio, I can't remember their names - I named them all after denise XD YAY for first place!! *giggles* the contest was to make one or many dolls dressed in outfits from one of a short list of sims sites. as i adore basically everything denise does, I thought I HAD to make my outfits for it from her stuff! :)

1st place in blackness's sim sikin contest

a barbarois, I won first place in k'vitlyr's "In Another Life" contest. the premise was that you draw yourself as someone from another time or place. since I'd just seen vampire hunter d:bloodlust for the first time, and had been TOTALLY blown away by the femail barbaroud character, and everyone yelled that she had my hair, I had to make her and enter her to the contest!

1st in k'vitlyr's another life contest

shuu, my harajuku girl that I entered in doodle dollies' unsure base edit contest - and won third!! there was some seriosly great entries to taht contest, and little wonder with such a great base!

3rd place in doodle dollies unsure base edit contest

makinko, #1 winner of niina's harajuku tribe base edit contest - which was funnily enough inspired by my harajuku dollies on her base! XD

not only did I win first place with this dolly, I won the two categories as well O_o best hair & best outfit! *feels completely blessed*

#1 in Niina's Harajuku Tribe contest
best hair in Niina's Harajuku Tribe contestbest outfit in Niina's Harajuku Tribe contest

k'vitlyr, second place in my sis's birthday contest..! I STILL haven't finished her birthday pressie!!

second place in kvitlyr's draw her for her birthday contest

lulu, from final fantasy x... I had been looking for an excuse to make a doll of her, and the slims base edit seemed JSUT the forum for it...can't beileve I got first place!! the top winnes were absolutely amazing..!

first place in pixelpunks slims base edit contest

katarina scratch
katarina scratch... how could I NOT enter a bond girls contest..!??! ::laughs::

tied for a choice award in this delicious groupd of chiquitas... ;)

choice award in gin's bond girls contest

gambit & rogue
gambit and rogue, two x-men for mandra's base edit couples contest.. I'm STILL hankering to see what she'll make me for a prize! *beams* me winning the contests of hers that I enter seem to be becoming quite a tradition really... ::laughs:: I try not to miss any of hers, since she's really the one that got me dolling in teh first place...

first place in mandra's base edit contest

yukari , won doll of the week at the dollhouse!! I LOVE THIS LIL HARAJUKA GIRL!!

dollhouse doll of the week!


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