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proverbial expressions contest winners announced! WOOT YEAH BABY! *dances*

h at absurdity - SHOCK!! GASP! is now voting!! go check out the delicious entries and cast your vote on them!! :)

yeah I know I said no new contests, but I was getting antsy ;) ;) - new contest THEY FIGHT CRIME!!! XD XD!!

rules for all contests:

  1. have fun!

  2. no drag and drops, though this may be a little difficult anyway *bg*

  3. must be original works, no taking someone else's doll or pieces from someone elses doll and claiming that it's your own

  4. the image should be no wider than 180 pixels, 200 pixels max!

  5. transparent gifs or pngs are preferred, jpgs WILL NOT be accepted, I'd rather convert a bmp than try to clean up a pixelated jpg. NO other file format please.

  6. all images wil be displayed on this teal background - just in case anyone wants to incorporate that into their design elements *bg*

  7. small animations are fine, no large 'total scene changing' animations unless specifically asked for in the individual contest, but 'fin movement' on a mermaid, or crying or somethign similar is completely acceptable, as is shimmer on clothing etc.

  8. spam or mass voting is not allowed. anyone suspected of mass voting (asking your friends to vote for you whether you are the 'best' entrant or not etc) will be automatically disqualified. sorry *pouts*



hat absurdity base edit

HURRAH!! FINALLY!! XD! vote now!


they fight crime!

woot, new contest at bondchickz! what is it you ask..??

okies, what you have to do:

go to they fight crime.
read what the blurb is about the two crime-fighting characters. if you don't like the combination, press try again until you find two that you do.
then - doll both the characters, and send in your entry with the following details:

your name:
your email:
your url:
the FIGHT CRIME combination you got from the site
and of course your dolls ;)

rememeber to follow all of the normal rules (as seen far left) - and PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZE RESTRICTION! XD!!!

entries will be taken until May 15 or thereabouts


send your entries to ME ME ME!! XD
*thankies laurel for reminding me to put my email here XD!!

ps - contest dedicated to my friend yvonne, who got me cracking it totally at this site in the first place ;)


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