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newer dolls:
incase anyone has been wondering, I did put this info up on the updates section but no one seems to read that... the older dolls will be going up slowly. I don't have the time (nor the sheer will power O_o) to put them all up in my new format in one hit, so that's gonna happen slowly. :) please be patient with this, as I am getting to it as fast as I can, but I have other things going on in my life as well as dolling ^_~

in the meantime, the following are my newer dollies that I've put up since the new layout ^_^ - feel free to adopt any I've not put a do not adopt sign on and make sure you link back to me and give credit if you adopt ANY of these dolls for your site, or use them as an av or signature. THANKS :)

DO NOT use any portion of any of my dolls in any of your own. that is violation of copyright - something that stands on intellectual property such as this for 50 years and is immeadiate whether I have a copyright notice on the actual image or not. thankyou.


happy birthday marion!!

do not adopt or use as av/sig

eiko, from ffix fo a happy birthday to marion!! gifteh for my sister! :) no adoptie at ALL

I'm soo loving this dolly :)

base by feliah

happy copious chocolate consumption day!

do not adopt or use as av/sig

gifteh to my siblings! :) :)

*giggles* on one of ma new xeni bases :) :) I know I know - cliche as HECK with the pink bunny ears XD what can I say, I was seduced by the pants... XD XD

claudette, 15th century noblececille, 15th century noblegeorgette, 15th century noble
claudette, cecille & georgette - 15th century noble ladies, I was feeling utterly uninspired but was left without internet download access, so I thought I HAD to draw... so, not wanting to do anything big, I decided to go back ton one of my favourite bases and do a little series whilst watching ever after ;)

bases by niina :)

harajuku happy birthday to jen!

do not adopt or use as av/sig

happy birthday gifteh for jen! :) she wanted 5 harajuku giries but I soo didn't have to time, so I told her she had to make do with only three!! *giggles* happy birthday ma jen!

base by feliah


nettagorn - rrrrrrrrrrrrrrgl!!

do not adopt or use as av/sig

nettagorn. yeah its me!! XD!! check me out, made for the fellowship of the siblings between me, shane, mandra, stephy and kandi the scary msn chatting group who happen to be rrrrrrrrrrrgl!!!

*dies* totally pixel shaded, thanks to mandra and shane's total and utter nagging XD!!

base by feliah :)


Jen Yu - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon


jen yu, from the amazing film "crouching tiger, hidden dragon." made for the april theme at the dh - based on the clothing and rain scene at the end of that brilliant film.

base by ritratto di signora


egyptian goddess cat

do not adopt or use as av/sig

cat goddess, gifteh for my sweet cat! the uber goddess :) :)

base by stephy :)




jen + nett, shoping sistas!

do not adopt or use as av/sig

nett & jen, gifteh for ma jenness!! :) these are my first ever meegi dollies and its me and jen in gucci outfits *giggles*

meegi base by tracy




celestial hexagon nett

do not adopt or use as av/sig

nett, this is my celestial hexagon doll, that goes with two other dolls by my sisters k'vitlyr & cat :) *squishes and glomps sissies* together, the three of us ARE the celestial hexagon ;) XD

coole base by sandi



guerrien, my post-apocalyptic mech-warrior chick. I did as an entry to sandi's coole base edit contest. YES it is a coole... lol

coole base by sandi


k'vitlyr & nett

do not adopt or use as av/sig

k'vitlyr & nett, I told k about the forty million partly done gifts I had for her, and so I decided to make her a giftie on the spot. she wanted me and her, so after a short convo I made her and myself as star wars style slave girls - her as twi'lek and myself as a human

bases by ritratto di signora


Johoseth & Amihranda

johoseth & amihranda, I'm gonna make a whole series of these two, they were originally going to be my new site mascots... sorta kicked that idea... lol on my own base :)



dead eowyn

do not adopt or use as av/sig

this is a giftie for my sister cat! :)

coole base by sandi



snow whitesnow whitesnow whitesnow white
snow white, cinderella, alice, sleeping beauty/briar rose/aurora, my own take on the disney classics characters. I've got plans for the entire lot of disney women, but I ran out of time to have them all done in feb...

coole base by sandi




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