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02/02/03 - NEW SPOTLIGHT!! XD go check that out, and new tag-board thats all ready and rearing to go! :)

my own little world - site spotlight at bondchickz

Silvershadow put me onto Feliah's site, and I immeadiately fell in love with her quirky little collection of dolls and her VERY funky bases!! her site is very cool, cutest illustrations, and the second I saw it I knew she had to be my new site spotlight! ^_^ go check her out and use her COMPLTELY squish worthy bases!! ^_~

4/11/02 - NEW site spotlight!! marion of trumbolice fame! ;) had to spotlight her, after - well, read the spotlight spiel ;)

site spotlight - trumbolice

HURRAH FOR MARION!! ::grins:: she's got me hooked on her dixie base, and for some reason I've wanted to spotlight her ever since I came across her insanely insane site layout..! ::laughs:: she has AMAZING work, and her junko mizuno doll just gets me EVERYTIME..!!

GO CHECK HER STUFF OUT, you really won't be disappointed ;)


20/09/02 - 2nd and third site spotlights:

so this time I have TWO site spotlights..? WHY I hear you call, because I was supposed to make carmen site spotlight back in august, or whenever the heck it was she put up her brilliant piece of the web, but I wasn't happy with the typeface I had done for the award etc etc etc and then with the loss of email, well lets just say it's all one bit sob story... but anyway, sit back, relax and go check out soem AMAZING work!!


carmen's site was found and drooled over from it's conception - I was following it's progress from her updates at what is now the pixel art community. I've adored her stuff since the first thing I ever saw of hers (her funkay bratts clan) and teh second she put this site up I HAD to spotlight her... except I sorta got busy and life got in the way... so carmen..? here's to you girl!!!

site spotlight - temporary insanity

what else is there to say but I love amelia and want to have her love children... okay, maybe not THAT far but it's true, this chick's work rocks my socks off and had I been at school with this girl I probably would have worked VERY hard to be better at everything than she was and still failed abismally... go check out her 'not so temporary' insanity of dolling and be careful not to drown in your own drool! ::laughs::


01/06/02 -
so I've decided to take a page out of mandra's book and have a site spotlight, so I don't have a fixed time to have to choose another excellent site in! ;)

my first inaugral site spotlight??
niina's the toybox!

1st ever site spotlight - the toy box!

niina's site was sought out after I searched high and low for the ever-addictive minni base. the site is BRILLIANT, very clean, very clever - I LOVE how the 'f' was incorporated into the nav, incredibly clever and, as the 'f' donates fresh! CONGRATULATIONS niina! you deserve EVERY accolade and more! :)


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