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xeni squatting

16/04/03 - lol!! MORE XENI POSES!! O_o XD!! three more - scratch that ;) ;) FOUR more added to the site :) many more to come, this brings it to a grand total of 16 xeni poses so far!! :) :)

xeni sitting16/04/03 - yeah, another xeni pose up - just the one ;) this one also based on how I sit at the computer XD XD

15/04/03 new contest up - THEY FIGHT CRIME! XD!!

13/04/03 - yeah I know two updates in as many days! O_o what on earth is the world coming to..? XD XD

two new xeni poses available - both sitting on the ground type ones :)

plus, three lil 15th century noble minni's, created whilst watching ever after and shakespeare in love for the zillionth times each ;) :)

- woot! okies, whats been done... erm, few new dollies up, the proverbial expressions contest awards up! O_o GASP! I know!! *giggles*
AND AND AND!! absurd hat voting! can YOU believe it..!??!

01/04/03 - just few dollies: upload of ma gifteh for catness ;) and my new april dh theme doll. oh and a few announcements! :) first up:

I've been interviewed for the new online magazine, pixel madness.

me - interviewed for pixel madness  magazine april '03

and diana has made a fan listing for lovers of me O_o XD

Inter-Nett - the Nett loving fanlisting

LOL go check them out! *beams* if anyone is wondering - the contest winners for pe will be announced soon and absurd hat will start voting as soon as I can. I'm just mega busy and have been given more hours at work. so bear with me! *hugs all*

24/03/03 - on the 19th there was an update outlining what I was doing with the proverbial expressions contest - and all that heads up about my impersonator. I lost it but, due to the hacking!! lol. so yes, on the 24th my site got hacked with some messages about Bush being gay and such. how utterly lovely XD.

09/03/03 - another minor update, just uploading three dolls and the MINOR starts to the dolls section.

04/03/03 - just some minor updates and trouble shooting :) added the props section to my bases area - the harry potter backgrounds are now up there :)

02/03/03 - can it be..? O.o Is it that nett has updated..? could it be a new layout..?!?!? is it some kind of miracle..? *dies*

it could be, but at the moment I'm going for it being an ACTUAL REAL LIVE UPDATE!!

so, what have we got here... new sections for the top... some of its not done, I want to re-do the adoptions section completely so thats not up yet... niether is the giftie page... nor is the sisters or dolls section. the dolls, however, will be attacked first and slowly will go up again over the course of the week :)

BUT!! there's like a metric crapload of bases up, with more to come soon YAY! *dances* and the contests (yes, SHOCK HORROR I SET THEM UP!!) are either voting or near voting. no new one yet, got to wait for these two to be finished. XD

NEW SPOTLIGHT!! XD go check that out, and new tag-board thats all ready and rearing to go! :)

10/01/03 - first off HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
*blows whistles, pops party poppers and singes the lawn with sparklers*
just popping on to mention a few things:
I'm busy!! lol - to everyone who keeps asking for an update you shall not be disappointed - BUT however you have to be patient as I'm doing a new layout and I've got several different websties to work on, freelance work to do, my day work to do, and I've got social engagements every night for the next three weeks (and then I'm going interstate for 10 days or so) - oh, and I have all the normal stuff like cleaning my house and doing the laundry etc - so you can see that I don't have all the time I would kill for just to devote to the re-vamp.

BUT never fear it is coming!! *grins* although, it'll still be green! *dies* mmmmmm guava green..... also I've added a little note near the tag-board... please DO make note of it as it is important.

- amelia's and my dolling in teams entry posted up...

12/12/02 - woot!! MORE HEADS!! more heads more heads more heads!!! two heads for the turner base by chris!! two lots of faces for the big chibi chick bases by jen, and two more faces for the big chibi chick standing by me!! XD!

11/12/02 - quickie update - uploaded my drop base that I should've done AGES ago, complete with a set of faces for peeps to yse ;) ;) plus faces for the grasp base and for the sweet base!!! hurrah! all on the tall bases page ;)

9/12/02 - another short short update - two lots of candid faces released, next to the bases on the bases tall page. more faces for bases to be released soon! *beams*

9/12/02 - just a very short update - three new dolls in one in the 2b1b entry, and the announcement of two new sisters!! *grins* well, one that was known for a while, amazingly amazing amelia!!! and the other..? I'm sure everyone can guess (tabi sure did lol) MARION! *grins* I'm obsessed with her work, I'm now her personal stalker, what can I say, its the least I could do! lol

2/12/02 - two new dolls, lady lovely locks and duchess ravenwaves. made for my dh siggie, with the theme of toys ;) also, little update on the contests page - hat absurdity closed to entries, just waiting on reserves now...

30/11/02 -
GIFTS O_O I've been updating all my gift pages etc, so I'm pretty sure all the gifts I've got are up!! some have no thankyous etc but,s o if people could check out the git page and find out if any of that stuff is from you I'd be VERY grateful!! also, a few new dolls of my own ;)

9/11/02 - pardon me, I'm just messing around adding a new tag board ;) ;) plus some new gifties up - just a couple I got recently, no teh full amoutn I've gotten, I need to set aside a LONG time for all of that... ::laughs::

4/11/02 - 7 new dolls, although they're solidified into three entities: my sister site girl with jen with the theme of horror (she did the bimbo victim, I did the mis-understood killer outcast), my harry potter inspired gryffindor me in three versions for my ez-board siggie, and my entry for cheaze's 'sims of our lives' contest

NEW site spotlight!! marion of trumbolice fame! ;) had to spotlight her, after - well, read the spotlight spiel ;)

updated a few pages here and there, added the sissy site banner for me and jen to the sisters page, and made mention of some new sisters! I REALLY can't take any more!! O_o

28/10/02 - hurrah!! bondchickz has now been moved from it's old server to the new server of! hopefully NO MORE bandwidth issues!! bear with me while I update links etc *beams* a HUGE thanks to manda, for pointing me to hostradius in the first place, and to shii, one of the owners of hostradius, for being just so darn helpful! ::laughs::

21/10/02 - the links page - of ALL things, has been updated! ::laughs::

20/10/02 - NEW BASES!! hurrah!! new bases called 'young things' four girls, two guys..! ;) two new dolls to chowcase how to use them as well! ;)

check em out in the bases section, under their own category..!

also, NEW CONTEST OPEN!! hat absurdity base edit (on the young thing base!), go check it out! ;)

20/10/02 - lofty intricacy awards go up ;) check the hall of fame to see the winners!!

21/09/02 - gift added from amelia - slightly new trial for layouting..., and some updating on the contests page, to let people know what's going on...

20/09/02 - oh dear lord, has it really been a month since my last update..? SURELY not..?!?! I'm sure in the inbetween time that gift for chris went up there... anyway, a quick update of a few things - TWO new site spotlights, & some new dolls!! plus the dolls page updated, as is the awards pages - though not as updated as I would like considering the email dabarcle...

the third column is gone, and has been renamed cool bananas, which has been replaces by the 'help bondchickz' little bit... if you can, please try and drop me some mulah and keep this place open and pumping!!

plus, the shoe tutorial that is still under construction available here, but not from the nav yet...

22/08/02 - yay!! the ssi's back on line so peole can navigat teh site properly!! WOOHOOO!!! so, to celebrate, a new doll for the header, and a bunch of new harajuku girls!!!

28/07/02 -
wow, even MORE bases, gals this time!! actually, 'batgirl' bases, based upon the sketches by jakob westman... on the tall bases page, whew, I'm really going to have to re-organise my bases soon...

28/07/02 -
more bases!! more more MORE!! *beams* two more male bases, for guys, on the tall bases page - shinki akari bases!! YAY!! I'm going to do one more base based upon shinji I think... not sure on the pose...

jock base dark 27/07/02 - another guy base up! ::grins:: the JOCK!! *beams* uber jock in fact! in six colours...

- WHOA two people managed to get my 50 000 vistor!! expect email soon guys!!! just a minor update to say I've got wo new guy bases, one on my normal base page, the other on the tall base page... also, I've got a sorta secret thingy in the works... expect to see results soon...


15/07/02 - NEW AWARD IDEA!! if you're here when it reaches 50 000 visits to my site, send in a screen shot and you'll get a custom doll by ME!!! but don't go visiting like crazy people otherwise donate to me or something I can pay for my darn bandwidth... ::laughs::

added some inform and more clarification to the 'proverbial expressions' criteria to help stop confusion...

new contest open!! EEP!! ::laughs:: 'proverbial expressions' contest... go check it out! *beams* also, a few new dollz... just a few... ;)

Lofty Intricacy VOTING!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

OHMIGOD DROP DOWN DEAD I DID THE AWARDS FOR THE XENI BASE EDIT AND FOR B!!!!! WHOA!!! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!??!?! EEEEEP!!! there fore lofty intricacy is almost ready to vote, I just have to MAKE the polls... ::laughs:: new contest coming asap!

two new dollz... I know I know, I've got craploads to update and it WILL be done, just erm... not yet... ;)

the .htaccess dilemma OVER!! thank LORD!! ::laughs:: I finally worked out what happened - I'd accidentally uploaded the file in binary instead of ASCII!! but situation resolved! woohoo!

RAH!! I'm BACK!! I've missed my birthday so I'll have to have a belated 'party' once I get more free time to doll and devote to the site! a few new dollz added and the old 'new' topbar is BACK!

added some new dolls, updated the awards page, sent a few dolls to their real homes, updated the adopted section to add the project adopt page and move the cliques...

new tutorial - very basic 'simple shading' tut.

candid base - just one of many released in the base bonanza01/06/02 BASES BONANZA!!! NINE, count them, NINE new bases!! two new categories - tall bases and big chibi bases! ::grins::
bases like the sweet base moved to the tall category - and a larger more womanly sweet base added ;)

new top bar image, disco 'me' in a guava green catsuit and the most wickedest pair of platforms EVER! ;) jsut to comemmorate my 21st year on this earth - I'm 21 this month aaaargh!!!

added a few new dollz to the site, using some AMAZING new bases from some very talented dollers out there, and some of my own creations... thanks jen for helping me out with inspiration ;)

fixed a few things with lofty intricacy, voting shuold begin VERY soon, as should the announcement of xeni base edit contest... SORRY for the delay guys!!

links page updated - there are ACTUALLY links tehre now! ::laughs::

zoe's gift to me, qudsi and brook up! yay zoe!

first ever site spotlight created. the first ever site to be spot-lighted?? niina's the toybox! :)

29/05/02 just added 70's nett doll ;)

lofty intricacy contest entries up to show entries to date, forum added specifically for lofty inticacy...

xeni base NEW!!!23/05/02
six new dolls, new tutorial up... NEW XENI BASE! ;) way moer stuff to come I'm just sorta swamped at the mo...

14/05/02 more minor updates, added two new dolls and a quick mention of site of the moment - other 'site of the ...' awards to come...

very minor update, just moved some dolls, two new ones on the main page and added another award... better update hopefully coming during this week ;)

gah! so long for an update!! erm, some new awards and gifts in the third column, b contest FINALLY voting and after the site going down we've bought - well I've bought - more bandwidth etc so hopefully it will be ALL good and we won't have to worry about being down and such... ALTHOUGH my email addresses seem to be having problems still so stay tuned...

one new doll, new gift from jen!! rearranged some stuff on b...

12/04/02 updated the contests - xeni base edit contest voting closed, winners announced soon. b contest completely closed to entries, awaiting reserved spots. new contest - lofty intricacy - open to entries.

added some gifts from people to the 'third column' and fixed up the 'b' contest entries page so everything loads ::grins::

updated and CLOSED entreis to be, just wating for reserved spots to be filled before voting begins ;)

sweet base medium6/04/02 two/one new dolls done on my sweet base (and a modified version of my sweet base) and one new award on the awards page. OH and the introduction of a visible counter on the home page, which is freaking me out with the number of hits I get per day...

new update, more 'b' contest entries up, and my cut off date has been announced. plus, TWO NEW BASES on the bases page! a large girl base, sitting to the side and this 'sweet' base!

25/03/02 one single new doll - one of qudsi's cute munchkins - and a few awards that I've neglected to put up, thanks guys!!

oh, and also the 'b' contest entries are now available to view - or atleast the ones that have been submitted so far ;)

the dolls section is finally up and running!!! I THINK all the the dolls are up, including ALL the mud bratts! go check em out kiddies!!

whoa, LOTS of updates today! the ssi's for the nave have been implemented, so if you find things are a bit funny then LET ME KNOW so that I can fix them up... my sisters page is all fixed, and I've added a few new dolls to the adoptions page...

the links page - although not fixed properly- has got three new linking banners to me (plus the old original 'rust' banner) for you to link to me with. plus a NEW page has been added to the site - GIFTS!!

on the doll front, just one new doll - kahira - my gothi fae entry

the awards for penguin base edit and villians made AND announced! check out the hall of fame ;)

FINALLY the xeni voting polls are all working, I had the brainie scheme of puting all the other polls in pop-up windows and it seems to have worked a charm! GO VOTE!!

two new tutorials! they're really simple ones on how to start phtoshopping, more indepth ones coming soon ;) also my entry for mandra's latest base edit contest - rogue & gambit rom the x-men comics!

finally finished that darn KISS doll of me! lol - plus a new doll on my sitting base! the guesbook is prety much fixed properly now, although the xeni contest polls STILL haven't been fixed. oh, and NEW GIFT FROM CHEAZE!!

oh, and my dollhouse staff profile is up ;)

the xeni base edit conetst FINALLY voting!! yes, that's right, you heard correctly, I've gotten all the polls giong and its all stations are go! the new contest?? the letter b! ::laughs::

plus, two new dolls, xenies of course ;) - tannadan for the 2nd dollhouse challenge, and li-ann - my entry for k'vitlyr's come to gether; countries contest. I'm QUITE happy with both of them, although tannadan's face is a little weird..

oh, and a new guestbook is half up - it's still not fully customized yet though! ;)

RAH!!! ohmigod!! NEW SERVER!! NO MORE POP UP ADS!!! it's a new bondchickz on new paid for space!! woo hooo!! hopefully the rest of the site will appear REALLY SOON NOW!! oh, and all but one xeni base edit entries are up, so not long until the voting begins kids!
sitting girl tan
09/03/02 guess what kids?? no, the xeni base edit is STILL not officially ready for voting, I'm still waiting on a few reserved spots. BUT in the meantime I've released a new base! she's cool and she's REALLY 'hip' ;) check out the bases page for all the skin tones!

lol, it's minor update city - guess what?!?! NEW XENI BASES RELEASED!!! check out the bases section and go to the xeni base page for the two new poses!

06/03/02 okay, another minor update, the villians and bad guys contest has officially closed, and the xeni base edit is closed to entries - new contest coming soon!

rah!! righty, well the latest update is a minor one, two new dolls, and the latest xeni base edit contest entries...

okay, so more contest entries are up and a new contest date has been announced - 28th of february! for more details, check the contests page

rah! it's update update update! WOW!! *laughs* the whole site has been updated so it's ALL good - even though it took a little while to get there *grins* everything should be all good - but if you find something that's not don't hesitate to let me know!

and yes, yes, the dollz page hasn't appeared yet, and the links page has no links, and I LOVE YOU SISTERS but you guys don't have anyting on your page, but I promise it'll be done in the next couple of days, it's just I was DYING to get this update up as it was already a day later than I'd hoped so...

forgive me?? *winks*


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