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castizo bases:
more realistic dolls in a set!! more to come, as you can see in differing shapes and sizes :) more poses to come, as well as more males (including some skinny dudes and some guys with a bit o' beer belly), and a few couple poses in the works :) Plus these ones come with the added bonus of me making faces for them at the same time as release XD ^_~


ya don't want to sit here for ages saving each individual base..?
SCREEN SHOT! :) press print screen on your pc or apple+shift+3 on your mac and paste it to a new canvas in you paint program.
crop all the nefarious bits off and save in your bases folder under the name of the base :)

the normal rules I have with all of my bases apply:
- give me proper credit - ie, if you you use my bases in ANY way, link back somewhere near the dolls you've used them with & say that this is where you got the base from so that others can use them to! *grins*
- do not offer any of these bases on your own site, rather link back here so that proper credit can be given, and so other people can look at my stuff and get any bases they want to use from the source *winks*
- you can alter the poses if you like, thats fine with me, but you still need to link back and provide credit. I'd like to know about it IF you decide to alter one of my poses for a doll you've done, for various reasons ;) :)


castizo head variation 01 castizo head variation 01





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