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candid bases
woot! I'm developing a set of these with the UBER talented soulburn of soulshadow designs :) faces are available and a range of poses are here, more coming cause I think this base has a heap of potential that I'm just not tapping yet XD :)

the normal rules I have with all of my bases apply:
- give me proper credit - ie, if you you use our bases in ANY way, link back somewhere near the dolls you've used them with & say that this is where you got the base from so that others can use them to! *grins*
- do not offer any of these bases on your own site, rather link back here so that proper credit can be given, and so other people can look at our stuff and get any bases they want to use from the source *winks*
- you can alter the poses if you like, thats fine with me, but you still need to link back and provide credit. I'd like to know about it IF you decide to alter one of my poses for a doll you've done, for example here with my collab with soulburn! :)

candid faces by me:

candid faces, lot 1 by nett
candid faces lot 2 by nett

candid faces by soulburn:

candid poses (first lot by me, then next three by soulburn): candid basecandid basecandid basecandid basecandid basecandid base




|adopted| |awards| |bases| |contests| |dollz| |gifts| |links| |sisters| |tutorials| |home|

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