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a guitar
1. a guitar

plumber's plunger
2. mandra

50's vaccuum
3. 50's vacuum

a shoe
4. a shoe

floppy disk & compact discs
5. floppy disk and compact disc

ice cream cone
6. ice cream cone

reindeer head
7. reindeer head

1900's wash jug
8. 1900's wash jug

a compact disc
9. a compact disc

a peacock
10. a peacock

a clock
11. a clock

mini - nett
12. mini-nett

a cigarette lighter
13. a cigarette lighter

wicker basket with bunnies
14. wicker basket with bunnies

a peacock
15. a peacock

leaning tower of pisa
16. leaning tower of pisa

a gumboot
17. a gumboot

LAN party
18. LAN party

a christmas tree
19. a christmas tree

a cake
20. a cake

coffee cup
21. coffee cup

a coffee cup
22. a coffee cup

a strawberry
23. a strawberry

a wedding cake
24. a wedding cake

a lampshade
25. a lampshade

a phonograph
26. a phonograph

a taco
27. a taco

1900's clock

28. 1900's clock

a beehive
29. a beehive

a gift
30. a gift

a flowerpot
31. a flowerpot

a harp
32. a harp

a birdbath
33. a birdbath

34. pumpkin

35. elephant

outdoor picnic set
36. outdoor picnic set

pyramids of giza
37. pyramids of giza

a bird's nest
38. a bird's nest

sun and planets
39. sun and planets

a bird's nest
40. a bird's nest

a rose
41. a rose

bee hive
42. bee hive

a stuffed bunny
43. a stuffed bunny

a ship
44. a ship

the tree of knowledge (genesis)
45. the tree of knowledge (genesis)

a globe
46. a globe

a rose
47. a rose

a tomato pin-cushion
48. a tomato pin-cushion

tea setting for two
49. tea setting for two

a shell
50. a shell

a goldfish bowl
51. a goldfish bowl

a flamingo standing over it's nest
52. a flamingo & its nest

a mop
53. a mop

a phoenix
54. a phoenix

a martini
55. a martini

a tall ship
56. a tall ship

absurd hat - total hat insanity

the MOST insane hat concept..? whats your pick??

Current Results

absurd hat - enviable ensemble

the most beautiful looking entry up there? which is it in your opinion??

Current Results

absurd hat - creative interpretation

which entry has the most creative and inspired application of it's 'hat' ???

Current Results

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