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contest awards

more awards for my contest entries! :) these are the older ones :) check out some of my scary dollies from WAAAY back XD! ^_^


s.e.r.e.n.e. 3rd place entry in wren's 'not quite human' cybrg contest!!

3rd in wren's not quite human contest!!!



moirgen, I think the gals over at pixel punks recognised the distinct lack of 'guy' dolls out there so they created a boyfriend contest - just for guys. Iwas TOTALLY shocked when I go a place!

third place in pixel punks boyfriends contest



katren, my medieval contest entry... I've lost my award!! ARGH!!



isadora, a 20's/40's (I forget which!!) style doll, the first ever on my 'sweet base' I didn't expect her to get anything, I just thought she was incredibly sweet and she was all cute with her red hair so I entered her in.. THANKS ZOE! ;)

zoe's choice award for claud's red head contest


sandy & candy the cheerleaders

sandy and candy... a last-minute jjb that I did because jen was feeling al ittle down so I entered her contest! ::laughs:: done on one of zoe's bases, sandy and candy won 4th place! ;)

4th place in Jen's cheerleader contest


kahira, my gothi-fae entry on one of k'vitlyr's cissy's ::grins:: I couldn't BELIEVE it when k'vitlyr tod me I had won!!

I won first place in kvitlyr's gothi fae contest

li-ann, one first place in k'vitlyr's come together contest. I was TOATALLY surprised with this one as I felt sure there were a few other entries that would leave me in my usual 2nd/third position in k'vitlyr's comps! ::laughs::

first place in k'vitlyr's come together, cultrual contest contest


garib one first place in qudsi's pixie base edit contest. and I was in VERY good company too! other place getters all sisters of mine: 2nd Brook, 3rd Zoe, Qudsi's choce, K'vitlyr

first place in qudsi's pixie base edit!


lina inverse & gourry gabriev

lina inverse & gourry gabriev, yay!! I won second place - losing out to a BRILLIANT can can entry!! congrats to all the other winners and the BRILLIANT other entries!!

second place in zack's mini chibi base edit contest


gypsy, base by k'vitlyr ;) I was QUITE impressed with the skirt on this one, ESPECIALLY as I drew it all up close and had it finished before I zoomed out to see if it looked okay!

second place in 'the art of movement' base edit contest


Marylin, another 'on a whim' creation, I can't believe I won third!!! WOW!!

third place in kate's marilyn contest

Eliza, a society chick, for a bratts base edit over at trinity's tinies! I LOVE bratts and to win first place was soooo cool!

first prize in trinitys bratts base edit contest - I couldn't believe this win - my vote was basically equal to the total amount of votes for 3rd & 2nd place! how insane is that!?!?!?


Anguardia, almost done on a dare (I was told that I could prbably place with a blonde - so I did one! *winks*) this gorgeous thrid place winner is based on one of the cards in the infamous vampire tarot deck

third place in K'Vitlyr's Dark Embrace:Vampires contest



, created especially for monsum's base edit contest! This one I didn't even realise was voting, so I never got to see the competition! ::laughs::

3rd place in monsum's base edit contest


Jeannie, winner of the Old TV contest over at zack's dolls

first place in Zack's old tv contest

seraphine addams

Seraphine Addams, entered and winning first place in the Miss Doll Alaska competition! YAY! onto the finals! *grins*

Seraphine Addams - 2003 Miss Doll Alaska

yay!! state crown for alaska

Harli, entered into Mandra's Face your Fears contest. Just having this doll on this page give me the creeps... ARGH! I can't believe I won this, I was SURE that either K'Vitlyr or Cheaze would... And Mandra made me a GORGEOUS little yellow fairy for winning, this doll will be displayed on the special gifts page as soon as I complete it! *winks*

OHMIGOD! first place in Mandra's Face your Fears contest, I WAS SOOOO not expecting it!

Sunshine, apparently looks VERY like one of my friends... ::Laughs::
Winner of Sel's Personal Choice award in her

Base Edit!

Sel's Choice award!

Elizabeth, I was very happy with her, and ECSTATIC when I found out that I won by a complete landslide in Forgotten Fairies historical dollz contest

1st place in Forgotten Fairies Historical Doll Contest!

*Spangle, entered into a 'critic' contest, much like Mandra's artistic vision contest and, unbelievably, won 2nd place!

2nd Place in Monsum's Critic Contest

Morgan Le Fay
Morgan le Fay, won second place K'Vitlyr's Dolls mythology contest!

2nd Place in K'Vitlyr's Myth and Legend contest!! YAY!

Tuska, created (and WINNING! YAY!!) for Mandra's artistic vision contest, it was a gorgeous challenge and a TOTAL honour to win! Check the special gifts page up soon for the great doll Mandra made for me for winning!

1st place in Mandra's Artistic Vision Contest!!

Melousine, created and named after one of my favourite germanic myths. I wanted to create one of these dolls but never got aruound to it until the contest as wizard dolls. thanks Ami!

1st place in Ami's Naga contest

Wanda, created on the fly for Starbuck's fairy's fishnets contest, you can imagine my shock when I won third!

3rd place in Starbucks fairies contest

Veronica, created with love for a gingerbread contest (I LURVE the base!) won first place at the Valley of the Dollz!!

1st Place in Valley of the Dollz Gingerbread contest!!!!

Robert & Celine
Robert & Celine, from a life less ordinary, one of my all time fave flicks, won first place!!

1st Place in UnrealEnigma's movie contest!!!!

miranda, this funky little fruit wearing senorita won second place in slide girl's fruit and vegetables contest!

2nd Place in Slide Girl's Fruit and Vegetables contest!

third place at virtual city's halloween contest! I lost out to two family oriented dollz so I'm not complaining about my third *bg*

3rd place in Virtual City's Halloween Contest


my first award ever! ::grins:: thanks everyone who voted for me, a first place in one of my first entries to a dollz comp!

1st place in Emerald Fairy's Jack-O-Lantern contest


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